Monday, April 28, 2008

Kibbee Mehlieh- Fried Kibbee Balls

Okay, so I'm not really sure how to spell the "fried" part in English, so I did the best I could phonetically. These are a special treat for me considering they are fried meat balls and I don't eat them very often. But if I ever have any kibbee nayi and stuffing left over from making a baked kibbee, I like to make a couple of them rather than throw away or freeze the leftovers. I made the baked kibbee for my lunch club and ended up with a bit of stuffing and nayi left over, so I decided to make these football shaped goodies. They are so tasty and crisp. Many Lebanese restaurants serve them as appetizers. So I usually order them. Hey, it's not very often I get them so I eat them when I can. : )

Take about 2 Tbs. of kibbee and make a ball in your hand. Push your finger in the middle and make an indentation large enough to fit stuffing. Add some of the stuffing (hashwit). Close the ends into a point like a football. Cook in hot oil for a minute or two. Sahtein!


Anonymous said...

These looks great! So perfectly formed! Love it!

Elly said...

OMG ally, it all looks so good! I am so jealous of your coworkers right now.

gaga said...

Those look incredible!