Monday, April 28, 2008

Moutabal Bathinjan- Baba Ganoush- Eggplant dip

Another favorite of mine. I love eggplant. Grilled, sauteed, broiled, fried, and made into a dip. this recipe is very similar to making a hummus, but instead the star ingredient is eggplant. Very easy to make and great to use as a spread on pita sandwiches, vegetables, or just scooping up with some great pita. You can play around with this recipe to your taste. I don't have very exact amounts because everytime I make this it varies. I'll post a general recipe, but make sure in between pulsing the mixture in the food processor you are tasting. Add as you go along, don't add all at once.

Moutabal Bathinajan- Baba Ganous
1 large eggplant pricked with a fork and leaf of stem removed (not the stem itself)
2 Tbs. tahini
1/4 cup lemon juice
2 galic cloves halved
fresh chopped parsley for garnish

Heat oven to 400 degrees and while waiting to heat up line a baking pan with foil. Roast eggplant until skin is starting to blister. Turn every once in a while to avoid burning. this should take about 20-30 minutes depending on the size of the eggplant.
Remove the eggplant from oven an let cool. Halve the eggplant or remove skin and chop the flesh. transfer to a food processor and add a tbs. of tahini, couple tbs. of lemon juice, one garlic clove, salt and pepper. Process a minute and taste. Add to it as you see fit. Serve with toasted pitas, or however you wish.


Anonymous said...

Baba Ganouj with the eggplant roasted (instead of grilled, etc) is my favorite. This looks sooo good!

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