Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Birds in my Backyard...

So, yesterday I was thinking that I wanted to get a bird feeder since our balcony backs up to a bunch of tall trees. I always watch the birds, but I wanted to invite them to our balcony. So last night after eating at a local Chinese restaurant (I had sesame chicken, won ton soup and fried rice my hubby had chicken and asparagus tips), Chad and I went and bought a birdfeeder for $4 and a 5lb. bag of bird seed.

Chad pounded in a nail, I filled it, and voila! We gave the birds in my backyard a chirping post. After putting it up around 6pm last night, I was hoping to see some birds. No luck. But I kept my eye on the feeder all night.

Well this morning when Chad was giving me a kiss goodbye, he told me there were all sorts of birds feeding. I thought he was lying, but I still got out of bed to run and see. He was right!!! They love it! Unfortunately Ceaser isn't to isn't too happy, but he'll adjust. At least it keeps him busy rather than sleeping all day!


Kayte said...

how cute! your kitty is adorable! i think both of our animals would freak out if we got a bird feeder!