Monday, December 31, 2007

Fried Wonton Goodness

What do you do when your wonton skins are going to expire? You fill them and fry them up that's what you do!

You really can fill wontons with anything. I generally just browse the fridge for ingredients and fill 'em up. Today I had 3 links of italian sausage, 1/2 a large vidalia, goat, brie, and a monterrey jack/cheddar combo.
Chad doesn't like brie, or goat cheese (weirdo, I know.) so he got his own special wontons. Or you could say that i got MY own special wontons, either way we both win. : )

For mine I carmalized the onion in olive oil and butter, spread a little of cheese on the skin (either brie or goat, not together), topped with the onion (I put a little sausage in some of them), put a little water on my finger to run around the edges, folded them up and finally, I fried them.

For Chad's wontons I mixed sausage a little ranch dressing (like a couple Tbs.) and monterrey jack and cheddar cheese together. I put a little in the center of the skin, and like mine folded them up. I fried both in a little canola oil, but the could have been baked as well.

I made quite a few so I ended up freezing them in a single layer on a baking sheet then when frozen I put them in a ziplock. These will be a tasty treat for a later date.


Jaime said...

i love fried won tons! the stuffing combinations you came up were great!