Saturday, September 1, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by a fellow WC Nestie, Chelly, of Sugar & Spice. This is my first time, and I was wondering when I was going to be tagged. When you are tagged in the blog world that means you need to share 8 interesting facts about yourself. I thought this would be a piece of cake, but I was wrong. It is hard because what I may find interesting may not be all that interesting to someone else. Or maybe I'm not interesting at all, lol. Anywho, here goes my facts:

1. I lived to San Juan, PR for a semester. I partied every night, beached every day and still made the honor roll.

2. I have a fabric phobia. It is called Textophobia. Certain fabrics make me cringe when touched. At most restaurants I have to ask for "paper" napkins because the fabric used for the silver roll ups make me shudder(I know Klassy, huh). I bought a purse that I couldn't put my hand into because of the fabric on the inside. I had to ask chad to get things out of it until I finally decided to stop wearing it. I also had to have silk linens at my wedding because of this.

3. I have a cat who is 11 years old and his name is Cesar. He never gets called by his "formal" name. He goes by "Pipo" 98% and the other 2% are just goofy names.

4. I do not like most breakfast foods. The foods I don't like include eggs (unless a tortilla), sausage, bacon (I only like if it is in something or on a burger), pancakes, waffles, french toast. I don't hate these foods but I don't particularly ever want them. So we never have breakfast for dinner in this house.

5. When I lived in N.O. I met Emeril after a Mardi Gras parade. I offered him the fake poo I caught from one of the floats. He declined.

6. I have 6 magazine subscriptions, they are: Real Simple, Martha Stewart, Better homes and gardens, Saveur, Rachel Ray, and I just ordered gormet. I also get Comida y Familia from Kraft,

7. I like mixing skittles and plain mm's together and eating them.

8. I get ready for work in 20 minutes. I get out of bed, get in the shower, get dressed, apply eyeliner and mascara, blow dry and I'm out.

Now I have to tag 8 other people:

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2. Jessy
3. Ashleigh
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