Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Citrus Chicken With Pasta and Lemon Beurre Blanc

Thanks to my hubby giving me 2 requests for this week's menu, I only had to come up with 4. One of his requests was "some kind of chicken and pasta". So, being summer and all, I thought I would make a citrus grilled chicken on a bed of tagliatelle, and serve it with a lemon beurre blanc, and sauteed asparagus tips. Whew, that was a lot of ingredients. Oh, and I also added some fried goat cheese. Sinful, I know.

For The Chicken:


  • 3 Tbs. Olive oil

  • Juice of one lemon

  • Juice of one lime

  • Couple splashes of OJ

  • Tbs. Honey

  • 2 garlic cloves roughly chopped

  • 3 sprigs thyme

  • Salt and Fresh ground white pepper

  • Whisk all ingredients together
    Put chicken (I used 4 very thin cutlets about 3/4 pound) in a plastic zip lock, add marinade, squish and put in fridge for a couple hours.

    Grilling Chicken:
    Heat a cast iron grill pan over medium heat brush with olive oil. Remove chicken from marinade and cook for about 3 minutes per side. *My chicken was really thin so that is all it took*

    Lemon Beurre Blanc

    *See recipe below (I added a little more cream, and 2 sprigs thyme)

    Sauteed Asparagus

    1/2 lb. skinny asparagus cut on a bias
    1 1/2 Tbs. olive oil
    Few dashes garlic powder

Over medium heat oil in a medium sized saute pan. Add asparagus, and garlic powder and saute for 3-5 minutes.

Fried goat cheese balls

Take a little less than of a tsp. of goat cheese and roll into ball, dip in egg wash then in seasoned bread crumbs and fry in vegetable oil for about 30 seconds.

Make pasta according to package directions drain and toss with beurre blanc, top with asparagus and chicken, and serve the fried goat cheese on the side.


laneyu said...

fried goat cheese balls...are you kidding??????? i HAVE to try this!!!!!!! thanks!

Elly said...

This entire meal looks absolutely delicious. I am going to have to try a version of this, for sure. Mmmm.

Deborah said...

Oh my goodness, that looks wonderful. And bless you for including fried cheese!! :)~

Sarah said...

Oh yum! Just the picture made my stomach growl!

Cara said...

ally, that looks so delicious! I'm jealous, I still need to master (well, attempt) buerre blanc.